Friday, June 8, 2012

Girl's Generations' - Tatiseo's Appearance on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook

On June 1st Girls' Genereation's newest "sub-group", Tatiseo, made a guest appearance one the KBS variety show Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook as a part of their Twinkle promotions. The girls were interviewed and performed their song "Twinkle". They also did individual covers of three popular English songs; "Take a Bow" - Rihanna, "Jack" - Pixie Lott, and "Rolling in the Deep"- Adele.

The first cover was Taeyeon's rendition of Rihanna's "Take a Bow." While Taeyeon doesn't have the R&B type voice, she still did a wonderful job with the cover. Her strong, clear voice really brought out the emotions in the song. Her pronunciation have also improved immensely through the years (I remember a while back I had to decipher her words). I've always loved Taeyeon's voice, it's strong and pretty unique, this has to be one of my favorite cover from SNSD.

Next is Seo Hyun's cover of Pixie Lott's "Jack." Now I loved the song and its rock element, but I thought Seo hyun's voice didn't really fit with this song. Her voice is strong and pulled of the notes just fine, but she sounded a bit too girly for me. Her pronunciation needs a little more work as her enunciation still isn't very clear, making it hard to figure out the lyrics. But her facial expressions were adorable and she definitely has grown more confident of herself. Overall it was a good performance, but I wished she would've done an alternative song.

Lastly is Tiffany's cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep. First of all I want to say that I personally love Tiffany's husky voice, but it was clear that some of the notes were a little too high for Tiffany and her voice would waver during times. During the beginning her voice lacked the proper emotions of the song, but after the start of the chorus she had fixed that by not worrying about the cute expressions and putting her all into the song. The other thing that sort of bugged me was how she skipped the word "feeling" just before the first chorus. Now I'm just being nit picky here but, I was wrapped up in the momentum as it builds to the chorus, then there was a sudden pause, and the feeling of something being cut off annoys me a bit. Tiffany had great energy in this performance, as she usually does, and I really liked that.

Bonus ^-^

Besides the three broadcasted performances, the girls also performed Destiny's Child's "Cater 2 U". The girls showed off wonderful harmony here and the song is just beautiful. Why it wasn't included in the broadcasted version of the show, I don't know. It should have been included though.

All in all the girls did a great job showing off their own individual styles of singing and performing through these covers. Performances like these makes me start to like the idea of SM promoting Girls Generation in small groups like Taetiseo, it makes it a lot easier to focus on the girl's individual charms. My favorite cover has to be Taeyeon's since she sounded amazing, but I loved Tiffany's energy and Seohyun's facial expressions. But that's just my preference so, feel free to comment about which cover was your favorite, which members you like best, or any other feelings you have!
Author's note: It's been a while since I've written a full length post, but this has been fun. I told myself to do this before I get lazy or preoccupied again. I'm not a huge fan of SNSD and frankly am a bit intimidated by them as a group, but I decided to do a post on this since Iris and I had talked about uploading covers of songs on here. I ideally wanted to include the full episode and do a review on it as a whole, but there were several problems. First of all, SM wouldn't let me share the video on any other site. Secondly, there are no subs for this episode and I don't know Korean xD, so I just went with reviewing the covers. I also tried not to review it based on the original artist but rather to the song itself, since I realize different artists have different styles and comparing them might not be fair. Alright, now I'm just rambling so...I'll shut up now and I hope you liked the post ^^

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