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Artist Spotlight: S.H.E.

S.H.E. is a three member, Taiwanese girl group. The group consists of Selina Jen Chia-Hsuan, Hebe Tian Fu Chen, and Ella Chen Chia Hwa. In 2000 the three of them entered the record label HIM International's auditions and later participated in the Universal Talent and Beauty Girl Contest. The three girls all passed to the final round and in the end Selina was announced the first place winner. Later HIM International had contacted all three girls and they received a contract with the company.
Their first album Girls Dorm sold 150,000 copies and enabled them to be nominated for Best New Artist at the 13th Golden Disk Awards. Following the success of the their first album the girls went on to release numerous other albums as well as holding live concerts and tours. They also acted in several dramas including The Rose and Reaching for the Stars together. Ella and Hebe had starred in other dramas separately as well. Being in the industries for about 10 years now, the girls have a very solid foundation and had achieve several honors.

Girl's Dorm: September 11, 2001
Youth Society: January 29, 2002
Genesis: August 5, 2002
Superstar: August 22, 2003
Magical Journey: February 6, 2004
Encore: November 12, 2004
Once Upon A Time: November 25, 2005
Play: May 11, 2007
FM S.H.E.: September 23, 2008
SHERO: March 26, 2010

Selina's Accident:
Recently S.H.E. had been promoting on their own because of Selina's accident back in 2010. While filming for her new drama I Have a Date With Spring, Selina was badly burnt by a stunt malfunction. She had to receive long term treatment and therapy. During her recovery Ella had pursued her acting career while Hebe had released her own single tracks. It was revealed that Selina was making good progress in her recovery. Earlier this year she had finally tied the knot with her fiance Richard Chang. Her wedding was held on October 31st, which happened to also be her birthday. Ella and Hebe had served as her bridesmaid along with her little sister. Many celebrities attended the wedding to give Selina their blessing and you can see the bride was smiling through her tears.
Lately the three of them had gotten together again for some commercials and endorsement. Selina had also released her solo EP, Dream Another Dream, on December 16th. The three song included in the EP were written for Selina by Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, and JJ Lin.

S.H.E., to me, is one of the most unique bands not only because of their personalities but also their voices. Though their voices aren't the strongest nor do they have the widest range, but they're sweet and moving. From Ella's deep tenor voice, to Hebe's full and fresh vocals, to Selina's sweet soprano voice each of the girls have their own style that compliment and support each other's when put together. Since their first concert, where the girls were criticized for their off-key singing, S.H.E. had improved immensely throughout the years. Their hard work and dedications is what makes me one of their fans. I also admire their never changing down-to-earth attitude as well as close relationships with each other. I look forward to seeing them continue their journey through the music industry and expand their horizon even further.

Song Recommendations

The girls were so cute in this, the locations and scenery were beautiful. The lyrics are playful and fun, while showing of the pride in their nationality.

I love the Victorian and Gothic style for the MV as well as song. I'm a sucker for fairy-tale themes and this song was addicting to me when I first found it.

This is the long version of the MV, it doesn't show much of the song, but the story between the couple was so touching I decided to add this.

This is the short version, one of my favorite song from them.

A touching ballad, though it's not one of my favorites, but I do like it and even more when I found out it was written by Hebe.

One of their more whimsical songs. I love this song, it always manages to cheer me up. The M.V. was overflowing with cuteness and made me reminisce of Ella and Wu Chun's Hana Kimi days. This song was used as the opening theme for the drama Hana Kimi which Ella starred in as the lead.

A collaboration song between S.H.E. and their label mate Fahrenheit (I love them <3). This super cute song was used as the theme song for Gong Zhu Xiao Mei (Romantic Princess). I love the chemistry between the two bands and they looked like they were having so much fun.
P.S.: Beware of the ear melting beep in the beginning Dx

This song was written by Ella to commemorate their days living together. The lyrics are so sweet and the girls are so cute ^^.

I love this song and album and this is arguably my favorite album from them. I love everything from the style, MV, lyrics, song, to simply how beautiful the girls looked in this. I feel like they have matured so much as well as change(for the better of course) in this comeback.

Other songs:

  • Ru Guo Ni Shi Nu Hai (If You Were A Girl): I love the lyrics as well as quirky beat of this song. It makes me happy and being a girl, I completely agree with the lyrics. 
  • Chao Ke Neng (Very Possible): This song is one of my favorites as well, it has a very strong message and is very empowering. At first I was a bit disappointed in the amount of lines Ella had in this song, but then I got to her solo near the end and fell in love with it. 
  • Bo Si Mao (Persian Cat): I like this song mainly because of the interesting theme. The song itself is catchy and is not something you come across daily. Sadly there are no English lyrics, so I don't understand the lyrics Dx. 
  • The Story of Romeo and Juliet: This song has a eerie and haunting melody as well as lyrics. It is another special song from S.H.E. that I adore. Sadly this is not one of their more popular songs, so I don't know if there are English lyrics, but I came across the Vietnamese translation and fell in love with the lyrics. The beginning creeps me out a bit though. 
  • Xie Xie Ni Men Ai Wo De MeiYi Ge Ren (Thank You, Everyone Who Loves Me) A touching song from Selina's EP. I hope for her to fully recover soon. 
  • Mo Gui Zhong De Tian Shi (Angel Among the Devils): A haunting song from Hebe's newest solo album My Love. This song is my favorite of her solo works, her voice is amazing in here and the music video was interesting as well.

    Author's Note: Hey guys! I'm so excited, because this is my first artist spotlight. Since this is my first I wanted to do it on my favorite girl band/artistes, S.H.E. I got sort of carried away while doing the song recommendations, because I love so many of their songs. Hopefully you guys enjoy them as much as I do. I want to take this chance to congratulate Ella on her future marriage and Selina on her road to recovery and wedding. I wish the girls the best in the future and hope to see them in a new album xD.

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