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Le Prodige (Conte d'un Pianiste) - Chapter 1: Her Past

This is a story I made for fun, i know it's not Asian and the title's french but I hope you like my story. Please don't correct my grammar I know it sucks.I welcome all comments. My story is not in 3rd person, it is by character's P.O.V (point of view). I hope you like this story.

Alicia's P.O.V.

My name WAS Alicia Kaine. My father is a successful businessman, and yea he was rich. My mom had died due to cancer when I was 2, but my dad told me my mom loved me very much. We were a happy family just me and my dad, up until I was 5, he became to lonely and remarried. I was happy for him, he finally found a someone to be with again that can make him happy, but as he spent more time with my stepmother and her son, my younger stepbrother, he forgot my existence, he sometimes forgot my name. But I still loved him.

I spent 3yrs a Heartful orphanage. I'd described myself as a fragile girl, crying about why my family abandoned me here, and reasons why they didn't want me. was it because I reminded my dad of my dead mother? with my blond hair and blue eyes? Or was it because my stepmother thought I didn't look nothing like her or my father? or was my father happier with my younger stepbrother? I was 6 when my stepmother dropped me off here, she told me that she would take me out to do some shopping. She dropped me off here, after awhile I knew she wasn't gonna come back. I cry every time I think about this. But I don't cry in front of others. I know its self-pity and I'm pathetic and weak on the inside. The only comfort I had was that I would run to the church nearby and listen to the hymns and the organ as mass begins. I'd calm down after listening to the music then go back to the orphanage, going back to the place where I was alone, with no friends, and being bullied by the other kids. I decides to change that routine by running away.

I never got far, considering the orphanage was near a police station. The officers managed to contact my orphanage, they didn't want me, claiming they didn't know who I was. I was shocked. I remained silent the entire time. the officers couldn't do anything for me, they thought I might be troublesome, so they had sent me to a school for troubled kids. It was like a normal elementary school. There classes bore me. Only music class enthralled me, not the poorly played, plastic recorders that every other student has played, but my music teacher's piano playing, Ms, Hayden. She was a nice, modest french woman, she tied her wavy brown hair into a bun. Every time she played the piano, I would close my eyes and get lost in her music. One afternoon, I was going around the school for a walk, and the music room was unlocked. I walked in a saw the piano before my eyes, I went over and touched the keys, I tried playing what I heard Ms. Hayden had had played, it was called "Fur Elise" the music just came out as I heard it, I played it perfectly I thought, as I finished i heard clapping, I turned to see, it was Ms. Hayden.

"Ms. Hayden! I'm sorry for touching your piano" I said panicking.

"Alicia look at me, have you played he piano before?"

" I shook my head " No ma'am , it's my first time touching one"

She seem shocked for a second, then smiled at me " Your a gifted child, a prodige"

For next several years, Ms Hayden had adopted me and raised my as if I was her real daughter. She took me took me away from the U.S. to France, there I toured around France as Alicia Hayden, the piano prodigy. I was well-known as the young (now 14 year old) girl would played beautifully on a piano. I was happy for once. But one accident ended it all. On my way to one of my concerts with my mom, a drunk driver hit our car, and our ride flipped over, I ended up with a broken writs and several burns on my hands, but my mom, Ms. Hayden had died. Ms. Hayden's last words to me were " Don't cry Alicia.. I want you to live and do what you want to do..I know you played the piano for me, and now I want you to do something for yourself in life" as she gasped for air. I tried not to shed a tear, just as she told me. She hugged me tightly " Alicia... I .. love you..." as I felt her hug on me loosen its grip, she smiled and closed her eyes.

The fire department, police, and ambulance came, but not fast enough, she left the world. My hands were patched up, the doctor told me that my hands would heal in months, but playing the piano wouldn't be the same without her. I received condolences from my fans and people I work with, but I didn't want to play the piano without her, So I quit, I abandoned the fans, the audiences, the fame and concerts. Alicia Hayden, piano prodigy had abandoned the piano.

I returned to the U.S. with Ms.Hayden's parents, to forget this incident, the kind elderly couple treated me the same as Ms.Hayden did, as family. and so i began freshman year at a public high school.

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