Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fan Video Spotlight: Ruco Chan & Tavia Yeung

While watching TVB related videos on YouTube, I came across these two fan videos of Ruco Chan and Tavia Yeung, which were both made by the same person, TracyYang89.  I have to say, I'm utterly impressed!  There is plot and the video editing skills are near seamless and flawless.  The scenes are chosen perfectly and fit together so well despite being taken from different series.  They are both completely different and offer something unique.  One is a lighthearted and cute love story while the other is a tragic one.

"Love Story Between Ah Bin and Tsui Siu Lai"
A cute and short video that will definitely make you smile, the first fan video is a sweet love story between Tsui Siu Lai (from "Mysteries of Love) and Ah Bin (from "Burning Flame 3").  As much as I hated these two series, the scenes of the two characters fit together very well to make this sweet love story.  Although Siu Lai was an idiot and Ah Bin was a jerk, the video makes Siu Lai simply seem like a sweet girl and Ah Bin a charming guy.  The dialogue between the two is just too darn adorable.  My favorite part?  When Siu Lai declines to kiss him and Ah Bin reacts with disappointment.  His reaction is too cute.  The ending where they say "I love you too" to each other made the Ruco and Tavia shipper in me made me smile like a crazy person.  The background music was very lighthearted and fitting too.  How the user came up with the idea of creating a love story between these two originally annoying characters is beyond me, but it worked, and it worked spectacularly.

"Tears in His Eyes"
If the first video impressed me, this one blew me away.  While the first was a short and cute love story, this is an extended tragic love story between Ruco and Tavia.  Unlike the first one, the creator took scenes of the two from numerous series.  The color tone fits the sad tone of the video.  The song choice was also superb.  This has the most plot I've ever seen in a fan video, and it is executed very well.  It is emotional, tragic, yet beautiful.    While I loved the first one, I loved this even more because there is so much more complexity, emotion, and angst.  I never thought a fan video would evoke so much emotion in me and make me almost tear up!

TracyYung89 did an amazing job with these two fan videos and managed to once again revive my love for Ruco and Tavia as an onscreen couple.  Bias for the two aside, the videos themselves had such wonderful editing you could barely tell they were actually put together.  Even more respect for creating fan videos with plot.  Kudos to you!

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