Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meet the Staff

Asian Entertainment Experience is a collaborative effort consisting of many members.  Meet the staff members by finding out their positions and a little bit about themselves.  Check out the "About Us" page to learn more about each person.

Niki  - Founder, head writer, and member of dance group KP2D.
The reason for this website's existence, Niki is the one who came up with the great and creative idea of starting a collaborative blog about all things Asian entertainment as well as a main contributor/writer.  A Kpop, TVB, and C-Pop fan.

Iris - Web manager and head writer.
A veteran blogger and passionate writer, Iris works with the web design and more writing heavy tasks of AE-Experience and is a main contributor/writer.  A TVB and C-Pop fan who carries excessive knowledge of HK entertainment.

Dani - Writer and member of dance group KP2D.
An enthusiastic K-Drama and K-Pop fan who will share her opinions of all things Korean.

Pinki - Writer and member of dance group KP2D.
A K-Drama and K-Pop fan with a love for dance who introduced and inspired Niki and Dani to start dancing.

Anna - Writer.
A fiction writer who will be a major contributor to AE-Experience's fan fiction page.

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