Friday, January 13, 2012

Song review: Fat Cat- "Is Being Pretty Everything?"

Fat Cat has return with her second single "Is Being Pretty Everything?" This comeback greatly contrasts her previous image. For her debut she sported long, fiery, red hair and a dark, sexy image. But this time she is seen as a short-haired blonde and uses a fairytale like theme. The style shows off her feminine side as well as her versatility.

I utterly adore this song, not only does it show off her amazing vocals, but the lyrics are also very meaningful. The light pop beat goes along well with Fat Cat's voice and the ties up the overall "feel" of the song. The song gives off a girly, innocent, and cute feeling as she talks about wanting to fall in love. Between the cuteness however, lies a strong feminist statement. The lyrics are full of confidence as she tells the guys that beauty isn't everything.

My favorite part of this comeback would have to be the M.V. Peculiar as it is, it's full of symbolism, which made the song even more enjoyable for me. One of my favorite scenes is when Fat Cat was in the room filled with pink ribbons. I thought it was one of the most meaningful out of all the scenes. In the scene you can see Fat Cat with her hands tied up with the ribbons, acting as a human marionette.  Her actions were controlled by a stout, mustached man in a black top hat and suit. This depicts how easily outside forces can control us. The man (to me at least) looks like Mr. Monopoly in his outfit. It is possible he represents the big companies that supposedly "runs" today's society. In the end she breaks free from her ribbon chains and goes over to chastise the man. Saying that one should be able to break away from temptations and pressures in order to be free.

Possible Tribute? 
There is also a scene which stood out to me as a tribute to Madonna and Marilyn Monroe. In that scene Fat Cat is in a brightly lit room with rising steps in the background. The room is filled with guys dressed in a suit and tie. She changes to a pink dress and she is surrounded by jewelry. This is very similar to Madonna's "Material Girl" M.V. along with Marilyn Monroe's "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend." All three had the room with rising staircase stretched along the back, as well as a line of well dressed guys. The pink dress along with Fat Cat being surrounded by jewelries further confirmed my connection.  All three songs had to do with materialism, therefore I personally think that it is a tribute to the two icons.  Of course there are some differences, such as the background color. While the background of "Material Girl" and "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" is red, the background for Fat Cat is white with gray bubble designs. Fat Cat's dress was also a different style then Madonna and Marilyn, her set was more modernized while the other two had a classier theme.

Besides the symbolism, the colorful and detailed set and costumes made the M.V. fun and extra captivating. Fat Cat also showed off a range of quirky expressions, which made the M.V. and song even more endearing. Overall this comeback has been very exciting and shows a promising future for Fat Cat as an entertainer. Her talents can easily surpass any rookies and she deserves a win soon. This is a great start for K-pop in 2012 and I hope to see more of these meaningful songs come out.

Check out the song below ^-^!


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