Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Kitty's World Domination

There is no doubt that Hello Kitty is a familiar face to everyone. Today you can easily find Hello Kitty's picture in just about any store you walk into. This simple yet cute little kitty continues to captures the hearts of people across the world.

Hello Kitty was developed in Japan in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu for Sanrio. It is said that she resembles the Maneki Neko, who stands for fortune and good luck. She made her first appearance on a vinyl coin purse. She was soon introduced to the U.S. market in 1976, a short 2 years after being produced. Originally she was supposed to be the target of children and pre-adolescence, but she was able to captivate teens and even adults. 

Even though she is a cartoon, Hello Kitty has a detailed as well as realistic profile. Which includes her height, weight, family, background, and personality. Surprisingly Hello Kitty was not born in Asia, but was born in London, England on November, 1. Her real name is Kitty White, she has a big family who carries the same last name (White). Her family includes: her mom Margaret, dad George, grandpa Anthony, grandma Mary, twin sister Mimmy,and her pet Charmmy Kitty (I personally think it's weird how she has a pet cat, when she is a cat). She is said to weigh three apples and is as tall as five stacked apples. She has a sweet, bright, and kind personality. She enjoys cooking and collecting all things cute!

Throughout the years, Hello Kitty has gone to endorse a wide range of products. She's appeared on clothing, jewelry, electronic products, food/snacks, and even on airplanes. There's also been a lot of Hello Kitty-themed establishments being opened. Such as Hello Kitty cafes/restaurants, theme parks, houses, and even maternity hospitals.

Below are Pictures and Examples of such establishments:

Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty Cafes can be found spread out through Asia. Inside you can find sweet dishes inspired by Hello Kitty, they usually come in the form of her face or they have her face printed on. Everything from the walls, seats, decorations, to employee uniforms are pink and girly.

Hello Kitty House

The Hello Kitty house in Shanghai, where every room is your pinkest dream come true.

Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital

The world's first and only Hello Kitty-themed hospital was opened in 2008 in Taiwan. This hospital can brighten your mood, no matter how painful the experience is. After the baby is delivered he/she is wrapped securely in a warm blue/pink Hello Kitty blanket by kind nurses dressed in pink uniforms and hello kitty inspired aprons. You will also receive a birth certificate with a hello kitty stamp on it. Don't you wish you can brag about being born in such a happy place?

Hello Kitty Dental Office

Is your tooth hurting from all those sweets at the Hello Kitty cafe? Have no fear, you can always go to the Hello Kitty dental office to get it fixed. All the pretty decorations should get you distracted from all the drilling.

Some other products below:

A Hello Kitty toaster and Kitty imprinted toast is just what you need to make you mornings a little less groggy. So start your day the right way and go buy yourself a Hello Kitty toaster! ;D

Sanrio came out with the Hello Kitty wine collection in 2009 with the tagline "Our favorite little girl is all grown up." The collection include four bottles: Angel & Devil Pinot Neros, Bubbly Brut Rose, and Sweet Pink. Proving that Hello Kitty isn't just for kids anymore. (How does she drink without a mouth?)

Besides wine, our feline friend also has her own luxury bottled water. Each bottle is cutely decorated and has its own special theme. Red (friendship), Pink (cute), yellow (heartful), green (wish) and lavender (sweet). But alas, cute doesn't come cheap, because the bottles costs $100 each!

Throughout the years Hello Kitty has managed to become a popular icon that surpasses any restrictions, It is clear to say that Hello Kitty is making her way to world domination. Hoping to make the world a cuter, pinker, and more wonderful place!


Author's Note:

For the first Creative Commons place I was inspired by an article on the new Hello Kitty Dental office, to write this post. I thought it'd be a good idea to start out this page with a post on one of the most popular and successful Asian products on the market today. Growing up, I've always been a fan of Hello Kitty and is both delighted and surprised to see how much she's grown!

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