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Our Little Heaven: Chapter 1

Welcome Home!

Amy, Fala, Niki, and Clara were all on an airplane heading to Taiwan. Niki had dozed off next to Amy after staying up all night yesterday trying to get the last minute packing done. Their manager Clara was who knows where, trying to get their schedules worked out, leaving Amy and Fala alone.

"Wow! Just look at the scenery!" Amy exclaimed.

Fala glanced up from her book to see her friend staring out the airplane window. She gave her a gentle smile and joined Amy in her folly. As Fala stared dreamily at the clouds she couldn't help but reminisce about her childhood. It's been almost seven years since she left Taiwan. She wondered how much things had changed. As her thoughts trailed on, her smile faded away. She was thinking about the "accident" again.

Amy turned to see her friend with a spaced out expression on her face. Worried, she asked "Fala, are you okay?" Seeing no response she leaned in front of her and shook her friend gently. Fala snapped back into reality to see Amy starring curiously at her. She feigned a smile  and shook her head. "Nothing..." she replied softly. With that she returned to her book. Unsatisfied with that answer, Amy gave her a pout, but then returned to her cloud watching. Normally she would've pressed on, but seeing Fala's expression, she retreated.

Just then the P.A. system came on, "Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. We will be landing in 20 minutes, please return to your seats, buckle your seat belts, and prepare for landing. I hope you had an enjoyable flight and thank you for choosing Golden Star Airline."

Amy rolled her eyes at the name, "Did Clara really have to make us use her family airline?" she complained.

"You know Clara, she loves to flaunt.  This is why we're in first class no less." Fala responded jokingly. Amy laughed showing her signature eye smile. Hearing Fala joke around made her feel a lot better.

"Mmm," groaned Niki as she struglled to sit up and open her eyes.

"Did we land yet?" asked Niki groggily while wiping her eyes.

"Hey, I see you're back from the dead," teased Amy.

Niki gave her a sarcastic smile. Fala smiled at her friends' antics and replied to Niki, "No, not yet, but we are going to soon. The 20 minute warning just came on."

Niki stretched and gave her a nod.

"Hey Niki! I see you're back from the dead," said a voice from behind.

"Is that all you guys can say?!" snapped Niki.

She turned back to see who made the comment and saw their manager Clara smiling brightly. She was walking towards them holding a glass of orange juice in one hand and a blue folder in the other.

Clara shrugged and replied, "Sorry, but you're a pretty heavy sleeper you have to admit that."
Niki crossed her arms and looked away.

"Wow, Clara! You look like you're ready to kill," Amy commented on Clara's glamorous outfit hoping to change the topic.

Clara was wearing a tight mini dress with matching heels, a diamond necklace and bracelet. Her hair was freshly curled and her make-up freshly done.

"Of course! You never know when you might get your picture taken! You girls would do well to follow in my example. Besides you're going to be the top idols of Asia soon and you'll be flocked by paparazzi, " beamed
Clara while taking her seat next to Fala.

The girls rolled their eyes and smiled at their quirky manager.

When the airplane landed all four girls quickly got their luggage and headed out. They were welcomed by a  tall man in a black suit and tie with matching sunglasses. He lead them to a luxury sedan and helped them with their luggage.

"Wow Fala, nice car!  And I thought Clara was rich!" Amy exclaimed.

"Well what do you expect from the young mistress of the prestigious Wang family?" Niki added teasingly.

"Come on you guys stop it! You know I hate the title 'young mistress.' I thought daddy said he would get something simple." Fala pouted, embarrassed by the over-the-top car. Fala hates flaunting her wealth, she prefers simple things. Yet her parents believed in the opposite, the bigger the better, and nothing is out of reach for their baby girl.

After about another 20 minutes in the car the girls arrived at their new school.

"Okay! Here we are, St.Anna's School of Performing Arts." Clara exclaimed.

"Do we really have to go to school right after we land?" Amy complained.

"You're only going to check out your class and it's only for half the day anyways." Clara said.

Amy made a displeasing face and got out of the car, she was followed by Niki and Fala.

Clara rolled down the front window and said, "Alright, I'll see you guys on Saturday bright and early for you first photo shoot!" and with that she signaled for the car to drive away.

They girls stood there nervously looking at their new school. After a couple of deep breaths they began heading towards the entrance.

Meanwhile in class I-21 our three main guys are listening to their English lecture.

Theo was attentively writing notes while Danny was nodding off. Adrian, who's usually calm and relaxed, seemed anxious and was constantly checking the clock.

*Ding Dong* The bell rung, ending their English lesson and started their study hall. The class breathed a breath of relief as their homeroom teacher announced that they may take a rest and talk for a moment.
The sound of the bell woke Danny up from his sleep.

"Hey what time is it?" Danny asked scratching his head.

"Time for you to get another F." Adrian said, his eyes still switching from the wall clock to his watch.

"Are you counting the minutes 'til you die? Why so anxious?" Danny retaliated.

"Clever reply for someone who has an IQ of less than 100." Adrian replied.

Just as he finished his sentence, Fala, Niki, and Amy stepped into the classroom.

His eyes immediately brighten up. Their homeroom teach gathered everyone's attention as she introduces the three girls.

"Alright everyone today we have three new students joining us! They came all the way from California, U.S.A.! This is Fala, Amy, and Niki.We're so happy to have you here, I'm your homeroom and English teacher Ms.Yu" she said excitedly.

The three girls nodded and smiled shyly. They looked across the room to examine their new environment. Fala noticed Adrian smiling brightly at her, seeing a familiar face made her feel more reassuring, and smiled back at him.

"You guys can go sit in the back. There's three seats in the second to last row." Ms.Yu said.

"Okay," the three girls replied simultaneously.

They made their way to the back and took their seats. Ms. Yu said that they can take Study Hall to get to know the new students.

With that said Adrian came next to Fala's desk and ruffled her hair asking "Hey how was the flight?"

Fala turned around and looked up to see him smiling happily at her. "It was good. I'm still a bit jet lagged though."

"Take it easy then." Adrian said lightly pinching her cheeks.

Their antics caught the attention of the whole class. Everyone was wondering why the new girl was so friendly with the rich young master. Theo and Danny was especially curious, normally Adrian wouldn't even bothering looking at a girl, no matter how many throw themselves in front of him. Niki and Amy was surprised to see their friend so open with a guy.

Fala noticed that everyone's eyes was on her, she blushed and pulled away from Adrian. Adrian, seeing her blush, smiled even brighter and said loud enough so everyone can hear, "Isn't my sister cute?" His clarification brought the class back to their own business. Danny and Theo laughed, they never thought the narcissistic Adrian could be thoughtful to someone's feelings. Niki and Amy realized that Fala had mentioned that she had a brother back home, but they never expected him to be their age. Niki bumped Fala flashing her a 'he's cute' look. Fala couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Soon after that the bell rung again and it was time for lessons. Everyone settled into their seats and the day went on as usual, with some occasional stares and whispers about the new girls.

After a long day, Fala settled into her lounge chair on her balcony with a cup of hot tea and looked up at the stars. As she marveled at the view as images from today's events floated though her mind. She thought to herself:

*I'm really back huh? Everything's changed so much, the streets, the buildings, even ah ge (my brother). I wonder what's going to happen. Whatever happens, at least I'll have Niki and Amy now. Wish me good luck Aili.*

Her thoughts were severed by distant arguing. "Oh yeah?  Well you're a bug-eyed, vain, narcissistic jerk!"

"At least I don't act like an over-grown, whiny, little child."

The voice was Amy's and Adrian's, it was coming from the hall. Fala smiled and shook her head, she took one last look at the sky, put her cup down on the side table, and went out to check on the ruckus. "Welcome home,"she said to herself.

Author's Note: This chapter was kinda lengthy and draggy, but I wanted to introduce all the characters to you guys. The focus of this chapter was mainly Fala. I thought it would be nice to dedicate the first chapter to the character who has the most connection with Taiwan. In this chapter it hinted at one of Fala's past experience that she refers to as the "accident" and a person named Aili. This is a major part of Fala's development in this story, the accident and Aili will unravel themselves as the story goes on. Hopefully this chapter wasn't too boring! Comment and tell me what you think!

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