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Our Little Heaven Chapter 2

The Prince and The Pauper

As Amy was walking to her room she was thinking about her ballet routine and was spaced out. Adrian saw her waltzing (almost literally) down the hall. She looked so cute that he couldn't resist teasing her. He purposely walked in front of her, blocking her way. Amy bumped into Adrian and looked up at him.

"Did you steal some wine from the kitchen after you ran off? You look drunk." Adrian said looking down at her.
She snapped back into reality and growled at him. "Who are you calling drunk?!"
"The one that was stumbling down the hallway."Adrian said staring down at her attentively.
"I was not stumbling!" Amy exclaimed defensively.
"Well then the one who was imitating a geyser during dinner." Adrian continued teasing  
"Oh yeah?  Well you're a bug-eyed, vain, narcissistic jerk!"Amy yelled angrily at Adrian.
"At least I don't act like an over-grown, whiny, little child." Adrian said calmly with a smirk.

Fala opened her door to see Adrian and Amy standing inches away from each other, locked in a death stare.
It was completely silent, Fala could feel the awkwardness and tension rising.
"Ahem!" Fala said hoping to break up the tension. The two looked at her and broke away from their staring contest.
"So... What's going on here?" Fala asked curiously
"Nothing!" Amy and Adrian replied simultaneously before going back to their respective rooms.
Fala smiled when she saw not only Amy blushing, but her big brother turning pink as well.


In his room Adrian picked up his book and sat down on his bed. He laid back on the pillow stretching his legs out comfortably and opened the book. But instead of reading he was think about Amy.
*Amy Wu....What an interesting girl, she hasn't changed at all. She still has the same long, wavy, dark brown hair, and big, round eyes. She sure has grown a lot though. But she doesn't seem to remember me. I guess I can keep on teasing her and see where things go. Things are about to get very interesting.* He was smiling gently to himself while he reminisce of when he first met Amy.

In Amy's room she was on her bed punching her pillow pretending that it was Adrian.
"Stupid bug-eyed jerk! Think you're so great making fun of me? You think you can do anything just because you're rich?! Take this!" Amy punched the pink pillow multiple times before throwing it across the room. She sunk down into her bed with a loud sigh.
Thinking of Adrian made her even angrier, ever since they left school Adrian had been picking on her.

First he purposely bumped into her when she was looking for her luggage, causing her to lose her balance and fall face first into the trunk of the car. Worst of all her hair got stuck on the suitcase zipper, Fala and Niki had to help pull her out. Everyone, including the neighbors passing by, were staring at her.
Then he kicked her during dinner when she was drinking her water, which made her do an embarrassing spit take across the table. She could see Adrian smiling his haughty smile every time she made a fool of herself because of him.

Suddenly her thoughts were disrupted by a growling sound. She clenched her stomach and pouted.
*If it wasn't for that stupid jerk making me embarrass myself in front of everyone I wouldn't have to spend dinner hiding in the bathroom.* She thought annoyed.
She decided to go down to the kitchen to check if there was any food left. Even though his door was closed,  Amy carefully tiptoed across Adrian's room to avoid anymore collisions with him.

After what seemed like forever, Amy finally found her way to the main staircase, which led to the living and dining room. "I swear Fala your house is bigger than the White House!" Amy whispered to herself, relieved that she was no longer lost.
Thankfully the living room was linked directly to the kitchen and dining room so Amy was able to get there quickly. While rummaging through the refrigerator she found various condiments and products, but no dishes. Just when she was about to close the refrigerator when she heard a voice.

"Miss Amy do you need something?" Amy jumped and quickly turned to see who was asking. She saw a tall young man with ruffled hair looking at her curiously. She faintly recognized him from dinner, he was one of the chefs.
Seeing Amy's surprised look, the young man smiled and said, "It's okay, if you're hungry Miss Amy, then I'll cook something for you to eat. There's no leftovers since we make sure that every meal is perfectly portioned."
Amy relaxed at his friendly and reassuring tone and said, "I'll be troubling you then."
The guy nodded and asked, "What would you like?"
"I want..." Amy thought and answered with a smile, "Ramen!"
The young man let out a surprised expression and smiled, "Okay, It'll be ready shortly."

Amy went out of the kitchen and into the dining room, she sat where she did earlier. But she couldn't help making faces while she stared at the seat across from her, which happened to be Adrian's seat. Not long after the young chef brought out a covered dish. He gently set it down and uncovered it.
"This dish is called Golden Treasure of the Sea, a noodle soup recipe that compose of premium egg noodles, a light beef broth, greens, shitake mushrooms, and an egg yolk."
Amy stared bright-eyed at the bowl, "Wow! You make late night ramen sound and look like it should be should be displayed in a museum."
The young chef blushed and said shyly, "Please enjoy Miss Amy"

Amy happily dig into her ramen and within 20 minutes she finished the entire bowl, including the soup.
The young chef watched Amy eat with delight, her face was smiling and she was savoring every bite she took. He had never seen someone enjoy a dish, none-the-less ramen, that much. He brought out a cup of water for her after she finished.
"Thanks for the meal. Sorry to bother you so late." Amy beamed taking the cup of water.
"Please don't say that Miss Amy. It's my job to serve you after all. Seeing you eat so happily made me take pride in being a chef. " he smiled back at her and replied respectfully
"Don't call me Miss Amy, sounds so formal just call me Amy. And I wouldn't be able to enjoy the food so much if you weren't a good cook. By the way what's your name?"
"My name is Zheng Si Ke, but I go by Ah Ke." Ah Ke replied blushing at her comment.
"Ah Ke. What a cute name!" Amy said smiling brighter than ever causing Ah Ke to turn even redder.
"Thank you for your compliment" he replied bowing slightly.
"You're so nice and you made me dinner even though it's so late. If only somebody was more like you" Amy said making a face.
Ah Ke innocently asked, "Who?"
"Who else but that stupid, vain, narcissistic jerk!" Amy replied in an upset tone
Ah Ke smiled gently and said, "You mean young master Adrian? He can be a bit cold, but deep down he's a good person. After all he IS the only son in the family, so it's expected that he acts a little princely." Ah Ke looked down and softly said, "If it wasn't for him I would still be in the streets."
"No kidding, he acts like he owns the entire island!" Amy said angrily, but then noticed Ah Ke's last comment and her expression softened.

After talking with Ah Ke for a while longer Amy returned to her room. She couldn't stop thinking about what Ah Ke had said. "If it weren't for him, I would still be out on the streets." Was he really talking about Adrian? The same Adrian that had harassed her all day? She collapsed onto her bed and closed her eyes. Today had been a long day, she had come face to face with two guys, a haughty, sharp-tongued prince and a kind, thoughtful pauper. Not long after, she was fast asleep.

Author's Note: This chapter was mostly focused on Amy and her developing relationship with Adrian and Ah Ke. I wanted to introduce her character along with Adrian's a bit more. At first I didn't plan on introducing Ah Ke so soon, but felt like it'll be a nice time. I've put some foreshadowing about their past in this as well. I wasn't sure how to write this chapter and had a difficult time trying to think of what Amy and Adrian was fighting about. Hopefully the next chapter won't take as long to write. Next time I'll try to focus on Niki more because she seemed to have disappeared for a while.  Comment and tell me what you think and stay tuned for chapter 3! xD

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