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Our Little Heaven: Forewords and Character Descriptions

Story: Our Little Heaven is the story about three girls with aspiring dreams, trying to gain the happiness they lack. They all come from broken families and each has a painful story to tell. The three girls find themselves in the hands of Clara, a young talent manager, who trains them to become the next top idol group. Now with the name Tri-Angel, the girls travel to Taiwan where their adventures begin.  


Fala Wang Xiao Xiao - The adoptive daughter of Wang Tu Long who is one of the top business tycoons in Taiwan. Fala has been through many heartbreaking events in her life despite her young age. Pushing those tragic events behind she manages to start over and strive for her dream. She feels obliged to work hard in order to repay her adoptive parents. Her love for music is her drive in life. She is a gifted musician and is blessed with an angelic voice. Fala's overall personality is smart, timid, and kind-hearted. In Tri-Angel she is the lead vocalist, composer, and pianist.  

Amy Wu Xin Xin - Amy comes from a mixed family; her mother is Taiwanese and her father is English. Her mother died when she was young. Since then she had worked hard in order to carry out her mother's last wish. Amy is very preppy and active, although this makes her sometimes child-like and annoying. There is more to her than what she seems; even though she always smile and laugh her way through problems, she is hiding a pain that resides deep in her heart. When she performs she gets very serious, especially when it's ballet.In Tri-Angel she is the vocalist, main dancer, and the "face" (focus or center). 

Niki Lu Xiang Xiang - Clever, confident, and straight foreword; Niki is a spunky tomboy that won't let any guy surpass her. She strives for perfection in herself, whether it's sports, music, or school, she has to be the best. Being a fan of Rock n' Roll, she is an amazing and devoted guitarist. Her strong personality is the cause of her broken background. Fala, Amy, and Clara are the only ones she trust whole heartedly. She is also very protective of her friends (especially Fala). In Tri-Angel she is the lead dancer, choreographer, and vocalist; she is also the unannounced leader of the group.   

Theo Zhong Yun Qi - Being named Yun Qi, you would expect him to be the luckiest guy on Earth, but that isn't the case. Theo grew up in poverty and struggle to support himself. As a result he takes on several jobs in order to make the school fees. Growing up on the streets made him a very good fighter, but he doesn't enjoy doing it. He is a quiet and soft spoken boy who doesn't like to socialize with people. His perfect day would be to play the piano in a quiet place. His personality and background makes his friendship with the loud Danny and rich young master Adrian even more special.

Adrian Wang Chang Ming - The only son of Wang Tu Long, Adrian is the sole heir to the family business. He is very intelligent and charming, but also a bit narcissistic. He doesn't care much for his families wealth, but enjoys the dominant status that comes along with it. Adrian is very well versed in English, he speaks, read, and write fluently despite the fact that he's only gone to America once. His favorite pastime is reading Shakespeare's works. His relationship with Fala is very loving, but also awkward. He's supportive of her and loves her, but has a difficult time expressing his feelings. Though he can be narcissistic, he is very loyal and has a strong sense of brotherhood. Danny and Theo are his only close friends, so he deeply treasures them but refuses to admits it. In the story his personality slowly changes as his relationship with Amy develops.

Danny Wong Shen De - He comes from a religious family, but hates the idea that there is someone greater able to control him. Danny is loud, hot-headed, and simple. He's not the brightest guy in the world, but would do anything to help his friends and family. Out of (what he thinks is) filial piety, he hides his school life from his parents in order not to worry them. He is a well feared delinquent in school, but secretly wants to try hard and get into college for the sake of his parents. He has a strong sense of loyalty and brother hood (same as Adrian). His personality often clashes with Adrian so they have some time of argument. But through the jeers and taunts they have a close knit friendship that can easily be seen.

Minor Characters:

Clara - Tri-Angel's manager and friend. She is a quick witted and clever business woman, despite her young age. Her family runs an entertainment company in which her elder brother is the CEO. Being the youngest, she is often looked down upon by her family members. She is out to prove them wrong; her dream is to become the most successful talent manager and entertainment CEO in Asia. Managing Tri-Angel would be the first step to her dreams.

Symphony Yu Mei Yun - The home room and English teacher of the main characters. She is a young and kind teacher (she's rather preppy and bubbly). She treats each student like family and believes that every student can be successful. She's especially conscious of Danny, who has the lowest grade in the class. Her concern for him leads him to believe that she is interested in him and develops a crush on her.

Ah Ke - Wang family's chef. He's a kind and hardworking young man. He had a sad past and was able to overcome his hardships thanks to Adrian. Therefore he is very grateful of the young master and often help him work out his problems with Amy. Due to Amy's love of food and Ah Ke being a chef they quickly become best friends. Amy treats him as a brother and likes to cling to him and bug him to make her food.

Henry Le He Ru - Transfer student from New York. He was Danny's good childhood friend and was known as Danny's anti-twin. While Danny is loud, strong , and simple, Henry is quiet, physically weak, and rather clever and calculating.

Angie Le An Qi - Henry's sister. She knew Danny through her brother and had clung to him when they were little. Angie fell for Danny when she was little and kept on liking him until her return to Taiwan. On the outside she looks weak and innocent, but like her brother she can be calculating and manipulative.  

Carl Jia Nan Ying - Class Clown, constantly wanting to be part of Danny's group

Author's Note: I've been working on this story for a while. It's dear to my heart, but I haven't gotten a chance to write it down. Therefore I wanted to take the advantage and post it on the blog.This is my first fiction, I'm excited to see where I can take this story. Originally I wanted to do some casting for the characters, but then decided it'll be more fun for you guys can make your own casts.
P.S.-I realize that one of the main characters is named Niki. Niki is not supposed to represent me in anyway, she is her own person. I simply liked the name and thought the name Niki and thought it would fit with her personality. 

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